Eressos - Antissa




Municipality of Eressos and Antissa is a newly composed municipality.



It consists of the villages of Eressos, Scala Eressou, Antissa, Vatousa, Mesotopos, Sigri and Agra. Each one of them has its own unique history.



Eresos is one of the most famous towns, known for its history and its beauty, situated to the southwest part of the island.



The village Eresos is built 4 kilometers away from the sea, among arid and volcanic mountains.



It is a village that maintains its traditional character intact. The wonderful mansions that decorate the village reveal the economic and cultural development of the village.



 In 1821, first year of Greek revolution the place is connected with a important naval achievement, that is to say the explosion of a big Turkish martial ship from Dimitrios Papanikolis.



Leberation came in 1912 and the beautiful town follows the fate of the island and becomes a part of the free country.



Built 4 kilometers above the sea between volcanic rocks, Eressos preserves a traditional color. Wonderful buildings adorn the village and reveal the economica; development that the area had.



Very special is "Theophrastio" one of the most luxurious schools of Lesvos with neo classic features. Nowadays a kinder garden, a primary and a high school work at this building.





By the coasts of Scala can be view Chios and Psara.




We will find the village of Antissa close to the mountain Courouclo. This village is built close to the ancient town of Antissa, where the ancient poet Terpandros was born. Today, the basic income of the inhabitants comes from the cattle raising and the tourism. As we approach the village Antissa, we will find on our right, close to the river Voulgari, the Monastery of Perivoli. After the Monastery of Perivoli, the crossroad, on the right, leads the visitor to Gavatha, the port of Antissa.




At the past Sigri had been a port protected by the small islands to its west, from which the biggest is Nisiopi, as well as by the small fortress, which is by the sea.



In Sigri you have to visit the petrified forest and see the trunks and whatever lava left in the area.



There is also a modern, contemporary museum so as to see this magic world.




Today Sigri is a very well organized summer resort frequented by many tourists, with many beautiful beaches and fresh fish.



The sunset in Sigri is an enchanting and unforgettable spectacle, as we watch the sun "diving" into the waters of the Aegean Sea.




Village Mesotopos also belongs to the Municipality of Eressos-Antissa. Whoever is a lover of tradition, but also whoever has forgotten the meaning of tradition, of hospitality and of decent human behaviour should visit this outlying village.



Mesotopos is situated to the west edge of the island. It is an ordinary, simple and tidy village, like all the other greek villages.



In the village you may visit the new classic building of primary school, the Laographic museum, the cultural centre. There are also traditional cafe and the women cooperation, while in Tavari beach there are many taverns with sea view. 




 The village is ideal for calm vacations, relaxation and for those who want to escape from ordinary life and wish to live close to nature...




The village Vatousa belongs to the Municipality of Eressos-Antissa. It is a traditional village decorated with the Church dedicated to Taxiarhes and the Church dedicated to the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary. In the surroundings of Vatousa there are three villages; the villages Revma, Pterounta with the abundant waters and the rich gardens and Hidira, where the great painter G. Iakovides was born.


Its inhabitants are friendly, kind and very active. We should not forget to talk about the remarkable beaches Tavari - the port of Mesotopos - as well as the very clean beaches Chrousou and Podara, where we will find taverns and rooms to let.